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You're 100% wrong!!! WE...NONE of us...have made ANY errors. WE are not the programmers. WE are not the producers. WE are not coders. WE didn't rush anything. WE didn't make promises WE had no intention of keeping. WE are the CUSTOMER and WE have every right to demand a decent game for our $. When 4 of every 5 people who paid full price for this game, have QUIT it, it tells you it's just a BAD GAME. WE had nothing to do with that. WE gave them a shot, THEY blew it.

I've held up my end of the bargain and contributed with 3 copies of the game and 3 subscriptions, of which 2 have never lapsed. Don't EVER blame me!
See, now I blame you for getting so upset over a little thing and you are ruining the community as a whole. Thanks man, you had to go and be so mad. Its just game, why you have to be mad?

And I agree with OP, no one should say anything about end game content....WHEN IT HASN'T BEEN A DANG YEAR!

Seriously, 1 week after games official release and people RUSHED to the end to complain. Bravo people.