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Ridiculous. This gearing thing is complete fail anyway. They should make it easier for everyone to get proper gear not harder. I dont want to waste 3 months just to get proper gear, so I can do any a little bit challenging content. And 6 Bh comms for Raghoul Weekly, sheer numbers of BH comms, seriously??!! EC hm, raiders and their hard work, dont make me laugh
You seem clueless as to what you are talking about. What level of gear is required to beat EC HM? That's right. Rakata. The gear level that needs NO Black Hole Commendations whatsoever. Anyone who want to earn gear can go to EC HM at that point. The system is dumbing down the whole progression right now, doing easy hard mode fp's earns you a level of access to the same level gear as someone who does EC HM. Right now what BW did is fix some of that so it's not as easy to earn Campaign level content by just doing Hard Modes - some stupid dailies. You just don't agree because it seems you can't (or don't want to) get a proper group that has what it takes to down EC HM, or you are just being grumpy because they took some of the candies you use to get every week.
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