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I agree and disagree. Bioware/EA played their part in trying to market and design it to be a WoW killer, true. However, everybody is responsible for their own belifefs and expectations. The hype for this game was astronomical - way out of proportion. The fans share responsibility in this.
Yeah, but when a company generates massive hype (and their videos are excellent at that) whilst fans have a role in swallowing it, it's not really their "fault" per se.

I miss SWG too . But it's gone. Time to move forward. I doubt we'll see anything like it again and they aren't going to bring those elements here.
That's the problem though - SWG had good points that would IMPROVE SWTOR, there seems to be an idea that nothing from SWG can be copied in SWTOR, when the reality is a LOT can be copied (that's not the same thing as making SWTOR a SWG 2, not the same thing at all - anymore than WoW nicking WARs open groups and quest markers made it WAR 2).
Real Star Wars space combat please, not Star Wars Fox! Maybe some PvP and flight too?
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