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This is the first MMO of it's kind - story-heavy, fully-voiced content. That is what the majority of players liked the most in this game; the leveling and the story. Content like that is going to take more time to generate. And I certainly hope that's the kind of content that is consistently generated, because if not, F2P or not, this game will fall even further than it has in terms of sub count.
This game is not about having one character and getting better and better and better gear (that's actually what I detest most about MMO's). No, the Legacy system was built around re-rolling once you hit 50, to experience another story, and the Legacy system gave you options to have a small leg-up with a new character.
This is your view of the game, purely subjective, and not based on fact.

LOTRO has a better story line, more immersive stories and generally much better content to the storyline. So, it beats TOR for story-focus. TOR simply gives us the voice overs.

Also, saying that the story and leveling is why most people came here is also a fallacy. It may be why you came here, but you've no idea if its true or not. I would hazard a guess that 50%+ of the people who bought the box set did so purely because it is Star Wars and nothing else. Ofc, I can't back it up with facts, but no1 can.

Personally, I came here a) because its Star Wars and b) because the developers told us that PvE and PvP would have equal importance at endgame.

I'm a reasonably hardcore player, I have a high IQ but I'm not particularly tolerant. At 27 years of age, I've played a lot of game and generally get bored of content that isn't very good. As a consequence I flit between different activities in game. I raid a lot, but I get constantly frustrated at people making basic errors. I PvP a lot, but get bored due to repetitiveness. I like crafting, but crafting systems are usually terrible. I like leveling, but repeating quests sucks. My main activities are raiding and pvp. In all previous MMO's I played, one or the other was usually terrible.

For example, WAR had excellent PvP, but PvE was dire and so when I got bored of PvP, I logged off rather than switched activities. In LOTRO, the PvE was far superior to here, but there wasn't much of it and the pvp was crap, so when I completed the instances and raids, I'd log off. Same with all previous MMOs. Thats why SW:TOR appealed to me so much: equal importance of pvp and pve! Ofc, the truth is far from that: pvp is a tacked on mess in dire need of new content and has no relevance on the rest of the game.

the main thing I think we, as a community, did wrong was believe the hype. I admit, I get caught up in it. I believed them when they said the game was going to be excellent. I believed them when they said pvp would be equal to pve. I believed them when they said that leveling up would be a unique experience. I believed them when they said voice overs would revolutionise the MMO space.

I believed the developers. I believed the producers. I believed the community hype. I believed.......

But I was let down. The promises that Bioware and EA made were never fulfilled. I feel like I was lied to. I feel like the game I bought and pay for is not the game that was advertised. Due to this feeling, it has led me and many others like me to feel entitled.

Ofc im not entitled. I'm just one gamer amoungst millions, just another random opinion. Whilst I feel entitled and let down by Bioware, on the other hand Bioware can feel happy that their marketing department did a good job and got money from me that they wouldn't have gotten if I'd have known the truth of the game in advance.

One thing I do know as a fact is that the MMO market is heading for a revolution. Too many companies are pouring vast amounts of cash in to games that are actually aimed at niche markets, resulting in failed games. SW:TOR is a niche game: it caters for those that want to play KOTOR online and will thus never make vast sums of money.

The true WoW killer is still out there. To be a WoW killer, you must offer something for everyone. You must have epic raiding to please the hardcore raiders. You must have instanced and open world balanced pvp for the pvpers. you must have engaging story lines for the alt-o-holics. You must have unique class mechanics to encourage replay. You must have an excellent crafting economy. You must have fluff activities for the casuals. You must have sandbox features to reduce pressure on devs and encourage communities to work together. You must have everything!

If you start neglecting areas of your game, you will start losing sections of the community. Just like in real life, MMOs thrive on diverse communities. The smaller the community, the faster the decline. This, ultimately, is why TOR is not a WoW killer: it has neglected most areas of the game. The raiding is too easy / short lived. The pvp is without purpose or reason. The mechanics are too simple. The classes are too samey. The story lines are too dull. The one thing TOR got right was presentation of the story lines i.e. voice overs, but that alone is not enough to retain players.

/end epic rant (apologies )
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