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I mostly agree with the OP. I think though there is some room for legitimate complaint for people in the early days of this game. For many people, this was suppose to be a MMO that had the added bonus of your KOTOR and Dragon Age RPGS. The problem is those RPG elements really outshine the MMO. Now personally, I'm OK with that since I loved some of those former Bio-ware RPGs. If nothing else I just pretend that I'm renting KOTOR 3-10, that has the value added feature of online multi-player play.

But other people have a problem with that. To use a restaurant analogy, it would be like a pizza chain opens a new all you can eat salad bar. Because other salad bar only chains like Fresh Choice and Sweet Tomatoes business is really booming. So they open up this new line of business that has a large selection of different kinds of salad, soup, bread, pasta, plus you can get their "World Famous Pizza". And all the adds say how good it is, and even some famous food critics give the salad bar very solid reviews. However most of the new comers, that come find they don't really like the new business. They think the salad and other fixings are mediocre at best. While they like the pizza, the complain because they came to get their salad fix. In the end, the people that are happy are old time fans of the pizza place and pizza junkies......