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WoW this, WoW that.. Anyone else getting tired of reading only about WoW on these forums? Everything isn't always just about WoW. Everyone hasn't even played that game or have quit years ago.

It's pretty simple. If people get bored, they complain. It doesn't have to have anything to do with WoW.

My point was that many of the people who were on these forums complaining about this game early on have been on the forums in OTHER games complaining about THEM early on. They play a new MMO when it first comes out, gobble up all the content, then spit it back into the Developer's faces with a "WAAAA ME WANT MORE" attitude that cannot ever be satisfied. They then proceed to bash on the game for the foreseeable future, until a new game comes along to grab their short attention span, and the process repeats itself.

There are a LOT of players like that, and many don't even realize that they are doing it.