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After 1.4, they've lessened many of the hardest parts of the Op to make it more accessible. You should be able to do it in columi + a little rakata now if you know what you're doing.

Technically, it should be able to be done in columi, but that is going to be tough especially if you're not familiar with it.

It also depends on expectation level. If your guild just wants to blow through it to farm weeklies/comms, then that's when you tend to come up with the high gear requirements. You get this same issue on HM FPs through the group finder. They can almost all be done with n00b L50 gear/recruit gear but people want you to have rakata+ so they can do it in "record time" w/o thinking.
So true. Ppl come to LI hm in full augmented BH and kick anyone that doesnt have at least 20k HP lol Everythings needs to be FACEROLL these days. Funniest thing is when you got some 27k Assassin tank, that hasnt even learned to disrupt incinerate despite all his fancy gear. Laughable..