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No, this isn't a thread about the doctors left because of us, EA is the devil, yada yada. No, this is just me getting out there where I believe we went wrong.

Here are our most blatant errors regarding this game.

Believing it would compete with World of Warcraft.
That was Bioware EA, not the fans fault, they were aiming squarely at it.

A bigger mistake though was so completely copying WoW. The should have copied the best stuff from at least SWG and DAoC/WAR too.

I am highly anticipating The Elder Scrolls Online having the EXACT same problems this game has.
It will - especially if all it tries to be is The Elder World of Scrollcraft Online.

We should not be allowed to complain about a lack of content for the entire first year.
I'm just gonna come out and say it. If you were one of the players that hit 50 in the first week, you shouldn't even be allowed to post on the forums, and if you complained about lack of an end game in that time frame, you should be permabanned with no second chances.
That's just plain silly. If they'd got RvR right things would have been much better, if they'd not released early (SWTOR shouldn't have been released till 1.2) things would also have been better. Again neither of those things were the fans fault, it was down to Bioware EA and EA higher-ups.

This is the first MMO of it's kind - story-heavy, fully-voiced content. That is what the majority of players liked the most in this game; the leveling and the story. Content like that is going to take more time to generate. And I certainly hope that's the kind of content that is consistently generated, because if not, F2P or not, this game will fall even further than it has in terms of sub count.
They've already said class stories are on a way back burner because of this issue.

This game is not about having one character and getting better and better and better gear (that's actually what I detest most about MMO's). No, the Legacy system was built around re-rolling once you hit 50, to experience another story, and the Legacy system gave you options to have a small leg-up with a new character.
Except they copied all the bits from WoW that ARE about getting 1 or 2 characters Uber.

I dunno why myself, again some of SWG good points would have added to alting a great deal.
Real Star Wars space combat please, not Star Wars Fox! Maybe some PvP and flight too?
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