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10.02.2012 , 07:54 AM | #77
Took us a few wipes to figure out what adjustments we needed (special props to our RL Padraic), but went smooth overall. Naturally i died the last second of the fight, but it wouldn't be a good Kephess fight with out me dying :

Frapped and YouTubed it. It's all from a Secondary Tank perspective so not the best Video to see the changes, but maybe those that are still having trouble can pick through it and figure out what they need.

We ended up splitting our force between the three droids and rotating interupts on each with each group. Even doing that we still missed a few, but the fight is doable.

This was our 3rd Kephess kill, 1st since the patch. Also first one where we had the majority of our raid force still
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