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10.02.2012 , 06:29 AM | #14
Something's up with this guy since 1.4 because the run past him this week was mechanically different than previous encounters.

During our HM run this week I was one of the healers and I noticed that BT did several snap 180's ending in either a smash or unusually quick swipe on his new target.

His animations were either much quicker than normal or he wasn't winding up like we're accustomed to, because people were't able to get out the way, so swipe damage was well above the norm for us.

Raid damage in this fight was generally greater than previous runs and was more on par with NiM than HM.

We did 1 shot the boss so my post is more of a bug report, or heads up to groups going in with number under-geared toons than anything else.