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Trololol!! Yeah playing as a SS slinger or MM operative can make you feel that there is nothing wrong with CC and resolve. I should know, my main is a SS slinger. 20 seconds out of every 45 (specced) with absolute CC immunity plus good tools to keep assailants at bay plus a large array of CCs will make you feel that way. Yes I die but I very rarely die without a fight when I'm playing my slinger.

Actually I don't think that resolve is bad system or that there are too many CCs in the game (well maybe a tad for some specs). But the way that plays alongside the incredible burst some classes have may result in frustrating situation for some players. I mean LOL smash + scream + aimed + trickshot + quickdraw (sure that there are plenty other similar combos) can kill almost every class in the game requiring only 2 people and about 3-5 seconds of their time. Yes I know that a good tank taunting and guarding plus healers can mitigate that problem but in order to get to that level of play one needs to stick around a bit, make friends, learn mechanics for several classes and gear up. And most players won't stick around through the ordeal in order to get to that level of play. I know, their loss, but still ..... If you can catch my drift.
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