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Quote: Originally Posted by Cybridwarform View Post
1.Before or after i have no issues with resolve.
2.I was a little let down with no merc/sorc dmg increase but likewise they both got very nice survival toys thus increasing DPS UPtime.
You may be right on the sage front, one of my guildies has been very pleased but DPS Mercs/Commandos got a nerf more than a survivability buff. Some of us are pretty mad about losing a good part of the utility we HAD while getting tossed table scraps.

Also, I have to agree with everyone here that one reason you don't see the big deal is that 1.4 was very kind to snipers. Removing the range on stuns from 30 to 10m is a pretty big deal for you since now you can find your spot and snipe with impunity till they actually come up and get you, but then you have some pretty awesome tools to deal with that too. Other classes aren't having that experience at ALL.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.