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The pvp in this game is fine, i don't understand why everyday its a tear-fest?

No i don't play a smash jugg or a mara etc... I play a sniper and i have 0 complaints. People just need to learn to synergize and play off their team members strength and weakness'

Am i the only one who feels the game is fine? Has the human race lost its will to adapt? :-\
This is funny stuff...I dont doubt you dont understand why all the tears...Your playing the AC that cannot be leapt, pulled and has the Longest CC immunity in the game.....This is kinda a given that the resolve changes havnt affected you as badly as the other AC's that have zero CC immunity.....can get leapt, and pulled...and now this happens in a chain...Its sooo fun.

Meanwhile the sniper does not experience any of this....Not to be a smart alec but....Hello captain Obvious!
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