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No they are tied to the account. Cant find the link but its already been stated.
Really? Ive been following very closely, and I have not seen any info on this, in fact, very little and certainly nothing concrete has been released about anything to do with cartel coins.

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The answer to all those questions is "almost certainly not". This is because if you were allowed to do such things, it would open up avenues for scammers and other such opportunist money-for-ingame-credit websites..
Ive pondered this, and every scenario I can think of gets dispelled because you cant escape the fact that the only way this currency comes into the market is by someone purchasing them; What happens to it after is of no matter.

Now im not going to argue back and forth whether this is right, wrong or indiferent, but theres a few games out there that F2P currency is just treated like any other in game commodity which can be traded or put onto the auction house and it works well, and found to enhance the in game economy, as well as put more dollars into the devs as it overnight got rid of the gold sellers.

As Ive said in another thread, when the bean-counters at EA look at the possibilities, I'd be very surprised if they are not tradable, if not straight away, shortly thereafter .