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While changes to sorc and merc are definetely a step in the right direction, the basic flaws of PvP in this game did not have changed.

- In the DPS area
For RWZs, the sheer amount of burst provided by marauders and pyrotechs and the streamlined design of these classes make them dominate the meta game, even after 1.4 changes. If you want ranged option, go sniper. Sorcs and mercs are still not 100% viable in the current RWZ meta game.

Who the hell asked for a smash spec streamline/buff? They can argue that they are streamlining every spec in the game, but why didnt they streamline, for instance, the lethality spec for OPs or the TK spec for sages? Why spend developer time on a spec that already worked decently?

- In the tanking area
In the current meta game, full tank specs arent viable, except for ball carrier.
In the current RWZ meta game, with hybrid tank specs / gearing, the sheer overpoweredness of tankasins leave the other tanks in the cold.

- Healing area
1.4 is a step in the right direction for sorcs and mercs but the sheer overpoweredness of the sawbones tree still leaves the other healers in the cold. Sawbones can do anything the other 2 healers do BETTER and with less amount of player effort.

PS: while i am a great defender of the cheapness of ptechs, i dont agree with the "nerfs" to the tree, i dont agree at all. Reducing the slow to 30% just makes them easy prey for tankasins and warriors, while the ptech is still faceroll OP in the meta game against healers, especially sage healers. Ptech is now officialy a out of whack tree, too easy prey for melee, too easy to faceroll healers, they should work on making the ptech more balanced (less faceroll burst with more streamlined survivability) they did the exactly opposite.
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