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Heres a hint, If you don't need gear from it it's time to progress ie into the next tier of difficulty.
I like the fact that I now have options to gear up my incomming imperial alts.
1.To get to columi lvl do SM EV and KP., Flashpoints too.
2.To get to rakata SM EC and TFB, + HM EV and KP.
3.To get campaign. HM EC
4.To get godly gear HM TFB.

Thats 4 steps that take you through all the content and all the gear tiers, how is that not progressive?

I honestly think the majority of the populace just needs to get a treatment for purple fever. Play to see the content, Play to enjoy a challenge, Play to have fun instead of "OMG they don't drop better gear in every tier i'm wasting my time"

None of the earlier content is invalidated, It just smooths out the RNG factor. instead of having 2 shots per week at the Rakata MH or offhand you now have 6, how is that a bad thing? Think of newly starting raid groups and guilds trying to get geared up?Think of people trying to optimise their gear? This way of doing things is quite good for newbies,returning players etc.They don't feel screwed on the " i cant see content" front

Rakata is the stepping stone into HM EC and TFB, without it people really will suffer, why shouldn't bioware make it more available?It doesn't hurt the hardcore (they're done with rakata 6-8 months ago) It doesn't hurt the bulk of the raiding community (we were done with it 3-4 months ago) it only helps the aforementioned people.

The best thing is, The aforementioned people actually have to go through some of the content to get the gear, theres very few pieces of rakata outside of ops so they're getting some experience before stepping into a raid. This is alot mroe important than people realise. Look at the LFR crowd in wow, it shows how much the free epics for everyone has hurt the community, manners and skillwise. Yes you can kite people through and they won't learn a thing but hey you're kiting them through out of the goodness of your heart right?