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10.01.2012 , 09:12 PM | #1
Okay, there has been some debate as to what the min gear requirments we have on people wanting to run sm EC in my guild as of late.

My opinion is that... if a Ops drops rakata gear then the person should be all columi + some rakata, but at least all columi and i believe that is what the Ops was intended for.

Well Some others in guild these days think that ppl should be rakata + blackhole + augments. Which doesnt make sense to me if you have to already have all the gear that a ops drops just to run the SM version.

Now when I first ran this back when it First came out in 1.2 My raid group at the time was mostly rakata and we were able to do it - it wasnt super easy but we cleared it. That was before we could augment an entire set of gear.

Anyway I just wanted to look to see what others think the min gear should be?