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Yeah, I've been looking through spreadsheets for DPSCraft on marauders and see that theoretically, I should be able to top out nearly 2100, and really looking for a way to come to that point.

I have an average 40-50 ms ping on my server, and use the operations dummy I bought for my ship. I open with Force Leap >Deadly Saber(Overload Saber) > Battering Assault (Zealous Strike) > Rupture (Cauterize) > Annihilate (Merciless Slash) > Ravage (Master Strike > and from there follow a priority of reapplying dots the second they fall off and keeping at least 7 rage built up to maintain annihilator and keep up any DoT at any time.

imo, its a pretty simple class rotation/priority, I've been finding the carnage/combat spec to be more challenging if anything once you input Rupture into that rotation. After optimizing gear for that I've been able to hit very low 1900's which is competitive to 2k, but looking to get that higher too.

Carnage becomes very 2nd nature, but when you get set in a rotation you get uncomfortable with any change to it and your DPS suffers.

For example, I've topped out at 1900 with no adrenals and no Bloodthirst. I do not Force Scream on CD, and only use it during Gore windows. Theoretically, I'd do more DPS using Scream on CD but it just has never been comfortable for me.
Also, I have to build up 30 Fury stacks before using Bloodthirst. If I use Frenzy and then Bloodthirst it screws with how I build my Fury stacks to coincide with Gore window.