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10.01.2012 , 07:53 PM | #3
Sorc: labyrinth (healer) areesa (dps)
Merc: daffydil, angedude(?) (healers)
Pt: carthy, valkyrii, woofi
Marauder: gamblor, lycaon
Jugg: execute, sion, astrummos
Op: timboh(healer)
Sniper: kevartys( not sure how its spelt), bulet

Sage: can't think of any
Shadow: ewa ( same person as sion an Atton), jwalsh
Guardian: aznpower (same person as heala), sotoe, mazor (think its that name)
Commando: toughmudder
Vanguard: Iz( can't quite remember the name)
Scroundel: Heala (dps), steel claw (healer), Atton (dps)
Gunslinger: haven't seen any
Sentinel: moshelle, Siara'a'jade(not sure if that's the name or if they still play), frog

Probably others but can't think of anyone else at this point in time.