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So many views, no comments lol. Ok i'll kick it off.

Assassin/Shadow: Jwalsh, Ewa (Nice to see veterans of the class still around)

Mara/Sentinal: Mosh (Obviously), Forcebringer, Gamblor.

Jugg/Guardian: A bit hard to judge these days, with everyone just going hulksmash, Atrummos stands out the most

Sorc/Sage(Heal): Dont see many around anymore (imo), Nhorn, Darkweedpowers(when he isn't baked off his head)

Sorc/Sage(DPS): Veronika

Operative/Scound(Heal): Steelclaw, Grog'guzzler

Operative/Scound(DPS): Ganj, there is also one from MVP i always try to avoid. For the life of me cant think of his name, sorry! (That'll teach you for stealthing/killing me too quickly to see your name!)

PT/Vanguard: Carthy, Woofi

Merc/Commando: Toughmudda (Sorry if it's spelt wrong)

I know there are plenty more, but this is all i can think of off the top of my head! I'm sure others will pick up on them anyway
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