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10.01.2012 , 07:24 PM | #43
Replying to stand behind the poster who talked about Force Choke & Force Scream; here's what I've seen:

Choke: Activate force choke, my toon will assume the Force Choke position, but it does not really get activated; the enemy I used it on is unaffected (Guy's still moving, bashing my face in) and the ability itself is still ready for use. I've gotten in the habit of pushing my Force Choke ability key twice while in WZs these days. I started noticing this sometime after 1.3 (estimate).

Scream: This ability does not activate for me sometimes. Often times when part of a combo (?), my toon will look as though it is about to use it, but really doesn't at the last second (Aptly described as a stutter elsewhere).

Edit: I wanted to add that I have also seen the Force Choke behavior described above while fighting vs. WZ dummy inside my ship.

I hope that since we've all decided to post these potential bugs (In essence, doing free QC for them), they will address them that much faster?