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10.01.2012 , 07:17 PM | #17
The gear progression is obviously there.

Instance-wise? BW just offers alternative paths because majority of people (read non-hardcore players) want options.

The way 1.4 positioned (nerfed ec sm and made TB sm drops columi), it indicates that SM is not part of progression. SM may be just one of a few possible stepping stones to ease fresh 50 into raiding.

Are you preferring/suggesting an absolutely linear path where a raid group would need to raid the same instance over and over again for months to gear up the whole group before moving to the next tier?

I played since launch and have multiple alts in top tier gears. Do I prefer they keep adding tiers so my past effort counts in the future? Yes. But it is unlikely to happen.

There are only ~2 tiers of raid content atm. So maybe too early to say how quickly a future fresh 50 can achieve top tier.