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I'm finding the shadow to be massively dissapointing. I'm sticking with it for now but it's really becoming tedious. Infiltrator is unbelievably bad, even the fix hasn't helped. shadow is basically a sub-par smuggler/IA, with no heals, no real benefits and all of the downsides, worsened. Oh and a nonsensical combination of weapon philosophy. Seriously, why is Shadow built around project? It makes no sense at all.
Force Pull is the skill that shadows should have but it's stuck high up only on the tanking tree. Speaking of skill trees, half of the shadows skills are lifted directly from the smuggler/IA central tree for melee damage but then spread out among all three Shadow skill trees? Why? If you're going to just copy paste you may as well leave it intact, in the middle tree where it works. Compare the Shadow to the Imperial Agent Operative. Playing operative you can readily switch roles mid battle. It's a versatile class with a wide array of skills that can be switched in anytime to turn the tide of battle for you and your team. The specc you choose gives you greater advantage in that area but doesn't cripple you from taking over other roles as necessary.
A shadow in comparison is worthless. Stuck in their role, with barely enough force recouperation to cover the role they're playing, never mind switching.
Go infiltration and entirely sacrifice whaty tiny amount of healing is available to the shadow, and say goodbye to tanking. Go balance or kinetic and stealth becomes virtually pointless. on the upside you can get rid of the bloody awful tharan cedrax, possibly the most hateful, unsuitable terrible, annoying companion in the game. which is saying something. Then of course you're not only stuck with having to use the bizarre and ludicrous Project, but you'll have to juggle about ten extra skills including the usually dreadful TT.

Shadow is the patchwork class. It's a hodge-podge failure of last-minute decisions and left-over ideas that weren't necessary for other classes but the devs felt they wanted to squeeze them in somewhere. So they squeezed them into the Shadow. Never mind that half of them don't work well together either technically, resource wise or even in the style of the archetype.
Even the consular gear is terrible, looking more often than not like it's been puked together. The arms don't match the torso, the legs to match the groin or waist and more often than not the textures seem low-quality compared to gear of other classes.

Since the patch there's just so many more problems, Shadow Strike doesn't work half the time (and yes for all the jerks, I am positioned behind the enemy), it just doesn't complete it's animation, no position warning so it doesn't seem like lag. Infiltration seems to run out force far quicker than before the patch too. I'd defintely say this class has issues. I just wish that my IA could defect to the republic. I don't want to have to play empire but I cant stand the smuggler companions or general design. That leaves me with the Shadow as my Republic Stealth class and if the miserable, tedious waste of time that was Quesh is anything to go by, it's only getting worse.