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10.01.2012 , 04:55 PM | #12
Just to add my experience to this, we've done NM a few times as a guild as people want it for alts and fresh characters. Never had any real problems with it until tonight. We had some crazy high swipes going on which one-shot killed each person. The one-shots we had were 22k, 26k, 31k and 51k. I was one of the healers so I could see that they had full health at the time and no debuff. The 51k swipe was on me. There were more one shots but these are the ones I wrote down in my notepad towards the end. We wiped several times as he kept doing that. These one-shots happened multiple times across several attempts. In the end we gave up and switch to HM which had none of these problems but of course, no title for those that wanted it.