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Am i the only one who feels the game is fine?
So you're still having fun with SWTOR...Good on ya mate! (not Aussie, I just like to say that phrase because it's awesome)

I still have fun playing to be sure, but obvious fail is obvious. This game was its best at 1.1.5. Been going steadily downhill with each subsequent Patch since. As a PvPer, I don't have much to be thrilled about in a year's time. Among the list of disappointments; Ilum, RWZs, just one new WZ, and combat that has been deteriorating dramatically since 1.2.

Now I'm ordinarily a glass is half full guy so I'm still holding out hope BW will get their poo-doo together. But I've completely lost confidence in them. They clearly don't know how to wield the Force. They are like the Biggs of gaming. You totally like them because they are friends with Lucas and can do some fancy flying, but they just end up flaming out.
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