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Not a bad post, I can see where you're coming from with this perspective on this, but I honestly think it's a tad off and there's more to it. I know in my case I originally was not even going to consider playing this game because of what occurred in the Revan novel both to him and the Exile and how it simply felt more like an attack on the direction Obsidian took with the story after the original game's conclusion rather than anything else and I know I wasn't alone in that mindset as a lot of fans of KOTOR II felt the same way at the time of it's release (some even going so far as to show this displeasure directly to the author who made quite a number of bitter comments back at said fans), but I was content to do nothing with it.

However, this changed when I decided to sit down and re-read the book and came to realize that most likely was NOT the intention and in fact it was just following in the tradition of the Star Wars universe where tragedy and failure has to eventually befall the heroes (for lack of a better way of putting it) in order to keep the universe going forward in an ebb and flow. Admittedly, I have not gotten to any point of seeing Revan in TOR yet to formulate any opinions on how it is handled in this game, but I have grown to accept the novel's handling over time which led me to actually give this a shot. I still consider myself a "Revanite" and I always will be simply because Revan and KOTOR rejuvenated my interest in Star Wars that had dwindled since Shadows of the Empire and the Timothy Zahn novels.

Back to the point of this post though, I don't really think it has a lot to do with the prequels and how they handled Anakin since at least in my case that had absolutely nothing to do with it. It's been a long time since I bothered to dwell on thoughts that I had about Vader prior to seeing the prequels and how it happened, I can't really say I ever figured it was caused by atrocities he witnessed or took part in while fighting. Maybe it's just me, but I never really gathered that from it, it always seemed to me to be something much deeper than that, which is what the prequels eventually went for albeit done in a rather poorly constructed way. That's not to say I'm against the way the prequels did it, just that it could have been brought about in a more fleshed out way.

While typing this post, I'm glad I checked back to see how the thread itself was doing since Forgon made a lot of points I was going to get to and I applaud him for doing so while I took forever typing this. Revan as a character has a tremendous amount of depth and yet still mystery to him that few characters in the lore really got the chance to get in a medium past the novels (excluding the movies) and a lot of people are able to connect to him better because you WERE him in the original game. This gave people a stronger connection to his actions and the effects while also leaving you with the ability to believe that the balance in the force so many other characters in the lore strove for really could exist and change everything. Revan was the first character to really establish that so solidly as a possibility and he will forever be a key figure in the Star Wars lore as a result.

Basically, people's fascination with Revan to me is all in the possibilities that were offered and the fact he was such an important figure in the lore that anything involving him HAS to have a major impact because of the direction his story took. No matter what, someone is going to be disappointed due to this and that will end up riling up the most rabid fans, but that's the same pitfall you step into any time a pivotal character of the SW universe is involved.

As an aside, thanks for posting this thread to make my second post on these forums an incredibly long one.
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