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The pvp in this game is fine, i don't understand why everyday its a tear-fest?

No i don't play a smash jugg or a mara etc... I play a sniper and i have 0 complaints. People just need to learn to synergize and play off their team members strength and weakness'

Am i the only one who feels the game is fine? Has the human race lost its will to adapt? :-\
Let's see here:
Bad change in resolve
Buff to Rage spec/No Mara/Sent nerf
No "net" buff to DPS Merc/Sorc
No reasonable full tank spec
No solo ranked
Bugged backfill
No cross-server
Lack of World PvP

All of which happen to be very viable beefs and were complained about since 1.2. Still not fixed/implemented. IMO the PvP community as a whole probably thinks the resolve change alone might kill all PvP in this game. Its makes some sad and some pi$$ed. Its only because they want to stay....
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