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Look. This is a GAME. It's not work. You are not really "achieving" anything by spending countless hours of your time mindlessly grinding out some imaginary currency or tokens or what have you. Nobody... and please really really really take this to heart.... NOBODY cares if you're a level 90 troll or fairy or whatever. It's entertainment. Period.

Make the speeders faster. Remove the mod extraction costs. Lower the level for all speeders to 10. Etc. etc. etc. Or at least FFS put it all in the Cartel Shop so those of us who spend all day grinding out real life currency can enjoy the couple hours or so per week we actually get to play. Thanks in advance.
Uh... MMO's are not for people who have a "..couple of hours or so per week". Changing MMO's to cater to people who have no business playing MMO's has almost ruined the entire industry. But why stop there? Lets...

Make Real Time Strategy games turn-based!
Make First Person Shooters non-first person, non-shooters!
Remove puzzles from puzzle games!
Get rid of sports from sports games!

The possibilities are endless. We could totally destroy every gaming genre by removing those pesky things that define the genres.