Thread: [Synthweaving] Beating The Schematic Resellers
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10.01.2012 , 03:24 PM | #11
My thoughts seem to echo the #7 post.
When I craft items that I can no longer use i.e. I made 3 of something I RE the first and I get the schem on the first try the other 2 are either RE for mats or hit the GTN.
I use the GTN and I always mark hundreds and a few times 2 or 3 grand BELOW what the GTN tells me, I sorta go by what will the vendor give and what can I get on the GTN, then I make a price decision based on the 2 facts I have.
My stuff sells 90% time, few and far between that I dont get a sale with the 2 day window, usually the stuff that doesnt sell are blue drops.
The above also goes for schems I get thru UWT or any mission drop etc., if none of my other alts (7) can use it, GTN it with the same logic process from above.
Sure I could triple maybe double my sell price but why, Im not that greedy.
It all comes down to one human's choice and that my dear friend is something that will not be changed.