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Ok then can we get the ability to put people on ignore and not have to queue warzones with them too so we don't have to deal with people like you more than once? While there is no actual punnishment to leave we do have the ability to ignore those we do not want to group with for GF so we do not have to deal with them more than once if they make our game less enjoyable. Why not allow the same for Warzones?
Personally i don't have anything against what you suggest. It works just fine for FP's and should do just as good in WZ's, so people "like you" can avoid playing with people "like me".
Have to warn you though that people leaving exactly because of FP queue pops are the minority and you can't really separate them from those who leave for one of a million other reasons. So i guess your ignore list is going to be filled in a couple of days.