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Hey everyone,

Please share your favorite Kaliyo moments in here! Also feel free to nominate your favorite companions to be featured in our next Companions 101 blog.

May the Force be with you!
When I left her on the ship forever was my favorite moment.

My Favorite companion is Khem Val. He's the best. If I could I'd let Khem Val eat my character and play as Khem Val I would.

A couple points on companions I'd like to talk about. Thank you for giving us them. I really appreciate they are unique. Its probably one of the best parts of SWTOR. Sadly, I have to store my favorite companions when questing to pull out the healer companion, whom I most often hate.

So if you could give every companion the healer abilities and ability to be put into healer mode, dramatically increase the dps, or allow us to have 2 companions out (less likely) I think everyone would enjoy them more.

Sadly, running with your favorite DPS/Tank companion when your a tank or dps yourself, just results in 5 times the amount of deaths. So you either swap at story time, or just suffer the deaths, or you have to have them out before a cut scene because often its hard to switch before the fight starts. I am sure healers probably run DPS and have healer companions just because we kill more efficiently then the dps companions.

I've run every class, seen almost every companion and have really wanted to use some over others. Sadly, its almost always 100% better to be the DPS/tank and have a healer out then use your awesome companion.

Whether it was my Assassin and my love of Khem Val or T7, you are forced to abandon them over the healer or go for the healer bot as you are far better off in the game. Don't get me wrong I like some of the healers and would use them over the DPS, but most of the time the healer is your only viable choice and THAT IS JUST WRONG!


Now fix it. Its easy to fix and been pointed out since BETA as an Easy fix for the developers to make.
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