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12.19.2011 , 11:54 PM | #1
The official post i read seems to have been taken down regarding this issue but the bug is still not fixed for me.

The issue is simple, after completing a quest you get a mission reward which i am clicking and receiving the reward that is not the problem. What happens is after accepting it still goes to the top right corner of my UI that a mission complete is still pending, it how now rised to 6 pending completes and clicking it does nothing it does not bring up the reward screen.

This prevents me from initiating conversations with anyone including quests givers and companions so completely stops me from following the quest chain and leveling in a traditional fashion. So at the moment the only way i can level is by either PVP warzones, or by Space missions and although they are both enjoyable i did not pay 45 for the game to play half of it.