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10.01.2012 , 01:26 PM | #38
While on the topic...I am still wondering where the combat vocal {"Yeah baby!" "AHHHH!" and other interesting screams lol} for my darkside/female/sharpshooter went. Not long after 1.3 my toon just went silent with one recent exception. Oddly enough during that last event, and upon using the turret for one of the event slinger was screaming her head off while on the turret.

So I know the vocals were not removed....just never play while I am in combat anymore {rare turret usage does not count damn it}. As others have said...these vocals are what endeared me to that toon {much like the combat vocals for my darkside trooper/vanguard/tank...only my Vanguard never lost hers :-( }.

I realize this thread deals more with current special sounds etc....and I totally agree, they suck....but I honestly never saw a thread on my issue or heard it talked about. I was just hoping it would be resolved, but never has been :-(.

If there is a specific thread about missing combat vocals {specifically for my class/alignment and build as a smuggler}...please direct me to it. But my toon losing their combat vocial for months is just as annoying as these new unasked for sounds {not that this team ever truly asked the majority what they want though}.