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10.01.2012 , 01:16 PM | #36
I agree whole heatedly with the poster about the sounds for the smuggler, quick shot and charged shot both sounded much much worse than before. Quick shot before sounder much more mechanical and rough before like the smuggler really had done something un-intended to his blaster to make it fire off faster.
And Charged shot sounded like it had been overloaded like it should.

Charged shot now sounds like a high pitched space invaders blaster gone wrong, its doesn't sound "charged" at all, very bad change. And Quick shot just sounds like a normal shot just only two bolts instead of the normal flurry of shots, if there is a sound difference its not much.
Noticed vital shot now only sounds a single blast even when using both blasters? it is meant to ?

Change em back, makes gunslinger sound very lame overall especially considering how much you use charged shot.