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Hi everyone - thanks for posting your concerns. We're looking into this right now. As we investigate, please post in this thread if you've noticed any sound effects that have been replaced with new sound effects or any that are missing. Thank you!
- Lightsabers hum louder than before (I don't actually mind because I like it)
- Lightsabers do not hum when you standing still.

- Vital Shot
- Speed Shot
- Charged Burst
- Smuggler's Luck (sounds lower... a bit muted)
All these abilities seem to have lost their sound. That is to say, I think the audio for this ability doesn't play, but the basic blaster sound does play. All these abilities sound like 'Flurry of Bolts' and no longer sound different from each other. I hope this wasn't intentional.

- Footsteps out of sync. The sound of characters individual footsteps sometimes misses. (I tested while running on the same 'metal' terrain for about 15 secondes)
tak tak tak tak --- tak --- --- tak tak ---

- Companions "Good-bye" gets cut off. When you dismiss a companion their audio clip gets cut off. Example: "See y--"
- Companions with 'Full Helmets' still sound like they are wearing a helmet even when you toggle 'Hide helmet".