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Holy crap I thought this thread died.

Though there are some things I would like to address.

Some people ignored the TITLE and assumed I hate all Sith players. Such as "soulhunterby"

Some people have seemed to ignore parts of the post and assume I mean that Sith don't have the rite to be bossy. Such as "elliotcat" I actually agree with her post, but to clarify. The reason I have a issue with this is that people have demanded I show them respect as a human being in real life. OOCly they think they are a better player and RPer because of the title Darth. If I don't resppect them ICly they whisper me and tell me to respect them and get angry when I don't. I understand ICly, I fully understand, but since these people are all full of themselves OOCly I don't enjoy RPing with them so I don't. I understand you shouldn't get pissed off because of RP. I mean it's not worth it and it doesn't really affect their worth as a human being. Though when people are ******es OOCly I think I have the rite to not be happy about it.

Cosmickat is someone I like though but have to comment. The Empire can work perfectly fine. The Empire does it's stuff and the Dark council interferes only when the Sith need to. Yes there is corruption, but they are dealt with easily. People don't realize that Sith actually don't mess with the Empire often. We all gotta remember that the warriors and inquisitors are two single people in the story. Sith only interfere in Sith business. Like the dig on Tattooine. The inquisitor only interferes so he/she can get the relics at the beginning and the warrior acts like a Agent for Baras and not a big deal at the start. The Empire is a cold harsh and ruthless dictatorship. They get things done.

Though I do agree 100% with his/her last post about how since everyone is level 50 and has a Darth title, there is no uberness.

Finally to "AdoB" I did and edited everything I needed to edit in the OP, and I didn't reply because most of the things he questioned were answered even in the unedited angry OP or he took things out of his ***. He claimed I was blending IC and OOC. Of course I was and still do. I quote myself "70% of Sith >PLAYERS<" Though the IC reactions I got mad at were due to the ******eness and stupidity of the player. I can deal with difficult and dangerous IC situations, I know not to mix IC and OOC but to this level I get tired of it and just don't want to deal with them. When it gets sooooo bad that you have to throw and entire human being out of your life you know there's a problem.

Like a few times, I met a Mirialan Sith inquisitor. His RP was that he was 16 and the galaxy's most powerful Sith telepath, he was also a slave. He godmods, screams OOCly and stalks people in whispers saying he's using telepathy. The guy would spam non stop, no matter how many times you asked him OOCly not to. Another person is a player and half of this was told to me by like 20+ players that I respect, and to get people to know, most of them ARE sith. This player supposedly used a Sith ritual to make himself Immortal like the Emperor and godmods saying he's immortal, this I've heard of and seen this godmodding personally. He forces himself on women ICly and if they don't fully type it out with him he sets them on ignore and says that they are dead ICly. He also has hissy fits OOCly. He was grouping up with people for some RP. He was half way across the galaxy and was demanding one of his guild's officers meet up with him even though the officer came on time to the place and the player was late. He questioned him and the player removed him from the guild. Some members got sick of his OOC behavior so they left the guild. Because he is prone to hissy fits he has put a IC bounty on them because he was angered OOC. This guy obviously has a superiority complex. I'm trying to leave the guild, but he would just send people after me, even if I retconned all our RP to get rid of it.

I will not name names out of respect and not wanting everyone to hound them.

I hope this answers questions and clarifies some things.