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10.01.2012 , 12:33 PM | #19
I also hope this is fixed soon....or at the very least the DEVS f-ing say what they did and why? Like many, I save BH for the end of the week for my eligible toons....per usual I started with my Bounty Hunter and they were able to do the weekly just fine. But as soon as i went on the next said i was not eligible. It is almost as if they changed it to account wide {perhaps backround tweaks for more account wide applications?}.

So if you got it done before whatever hot-fix/patch they did most recently {that there was supposedly no patch for lol} you are fine...if you waitied you can take one toon and that is it. You can still do all the regulars daily etc....but one one weekly per account lol?

I am specualting, but the pattern seems to mechanically and logically fit. But aye...sure would be nice if they would say something {if they have, and I missed apologies}. As another pointed out....if they changed it I want my f-ing credits back for the priority I also agree there is no reason to go there but once a week {even though now it is a joke to get there [just fly to Ilum and use the shuttle lol...and bypass thet absurd Corellia load screen]}.

Anyways to those calling it toon by toon or is neither. It is quite clear, albeit possibly unintentional on their part, that they "accidently" made it 1 weekly per account? Just my theory on it. Aside from a completely random bug they will not is alos possible the initial 1.4 broke that terminal exposing an exploit so they were forced to implement it as it is now until they can fix it.....screwing a lot of us out of a weekly in the process lol.