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Tempest@Fatman currently on Pot5, Empire (
TFB 8man HM - TFB killed 09/28, 05:04pm Server Time (photo taken by a guy playing in the country of Jordan so its -7):
Kill Video:

Rest of the kills and screenshots coming soon, as soon as we sort out who has the screenshots with time stamps, but the times of kills are (we checked with Cali and Chosen and these times should represent server 1st unless there are guild who haven't submitted yet):
Writhing Horror - 09/26 10:12 am
Dread Guard - 09/26 1:51pm
Operator IX - 09/26 05:57pm
Kephess the Undying - 09/26 8:18pm

Also want to congratulate every guild that has cleared TFB so far, Op is tons of fun and we know the efforts you guys put into clearing it. Congrats guys!
I want more informations about your timezone for each screenshot please.

updated 18:20 BST
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