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10.01.2012 , 10:41 AM | #8
30K, I think I got almost 170K last night just from credits, doesn't included what I could have gotten from crafting all those mats.

I loved the look. Did story mode and was cruising through this with no problems until the last two bosses. Took a couple wipes on each to figure out the mechanics, but after that pretty sure we will one shot it next time (which we should on SM since it is SM and we were overgeared for it). Still great looking and interesting ops and story. Also just proves that the Female Smuggler is the funniest and best written character in the game.

I pretty much think it was perfect for SM as far as difficulty, great way to see the area and enjoy the story, but yet still unforgiving enough that a major mess up by a tank or healer spells doom for the group. 22K hit on my 21K sawbones shows me that a mistake means death for most non-tanks in SM TfB.

Can't wait to do it on HM.