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I do think that adding playable droids is a bad idea - a recurring debate in Star Wars is droids as lifeforms. Even Jedi do not seem to consider seemingly sapient droids to be truly "alive".

Having them as playable characters sort of necessitates an in-story acceptance of droids as "real people" which just takes away a big chunk of the potential of things like Directive Seven and any other "Droid Rights" story.
Have to agree here. Even droids that have avoided routine memory wipes and gotten to the point of seemingly being 'real" or human-like, see SCORPIO, are still droids none the less and subject to the many pitfalls of being a droid. SCORPIO for all her potential BAMFery is still kept on a leash/controlled by restraining codes if you choose and there isn't jack all she can do about it.

Not to mention in PvP you guys rolling droids would spend a vast majority of time perma-CCed, with occasional resolve breaks, by SWs,JKs,IAs and Smugglers. BW would have to fundamentally redesign the droid CC or rework all abilities to function one way in PvP and another in PvE;seems like a lot of work for one class that won't even work with the romance sidestory for companions(which as unimportant as it may be, is something BW prides itself on and is known for).

I have been a fan of the Imperial Guard class idea for a while now and would like to see it implemented in some fashion.
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