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I didn't even bother reading your post, just the title. Merc DPS = NO NO for Ranked Warzones. Our damage is fine if left alone, but we have absolutely no group usefulness unless there are 5 snipers with us constantly rooting people at a distance away from us. There is also the notion that we are a free kill, so we will be focused by any melee teams with a passion, so we serve a purpose of being kill bait and a distraction from the rest of our team. I am being serious even though it sounds sarcastic.

Developer1: Hey guys i think the merc class needs a buff
Developer2: Hey it's opposite day, so we should give them a "buff" by removing their knockback
Developer3: Hey let's get an intern to do all the work about designing this class for pvp.
Developer1+2: Good idea Developer3! Let's go use our time to buff marauders again, always good to do that.
Intern: I think mercenary pvp dps and utility is in a good place. When a melee jumps to them, the mercenary should stand still and face tank it while rooted for 9 seconds and smashed in the face, and their escape option is on a 25 second cooldown, so they should just rocket punch the melee to root them in front of their face and die faster!
Intern: Hey so Merc Dps is attacking a target in pvp, target goes behind an obstacle and LOLS at the merc. Biowares answer to this: Make mercs run up into melee range to do a root and effectively put them into a melee range danger zone giving up their ranged advantages. Yes! This is exactly what we needed....
Intern: So I think the Merc Healer can use a buff. Let's add a 50% slow for 3 seconds to kolto missile. Let's just pretend for a second that I am not an idiot, even though we know I am. Any melee dps jumps to me, I am going to be slowed and or rooted and forced to stand still and heal or use knockback and big cooldowns, I am mostly an immobile healer. So what did this 3 second slow do for me? NOTHING! Why? Because the melee already rooted and slowed me also! It effectively did NOTHING. It's not even a buff, so I am going to troll the patch notes and make mercs look like they got something good.
Intern: Hey guys, everyone on merc forums is complaining for buffs and that pyro mercs suck compared to pt pyros. So I have a good idea, let's nerf pyro mercs slow effect from their already low chance to apply the slow, from 50% snare to a 30% snare. Then shake hands and say we did a good thing.

I can go on, but it's just so bad and insulting what they do to our class, I can't even deal.