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10.01.2012 , 08:49 AM | #3
I personally feel that the final boss in HM is not that impressive. Phase 1 is literally too long and too much of the same thing. Phase 2 has some fun mechanics that require the DPS to run around and pay attention to the anomalies, but overall this fight wasn't what I was hoping it would be.

Operator IX is a hectic fight, and fun, but I will say that none of these fights seem overly tough. They take a bit to get the mechanics down, but, honestly, the raids/operations in this game are seriously lacking. My last raid experience came from Rift and these fights, I feel, are about as hard as the first raid (GSB), which isn't saying much. In fact, completing GSB took longer than HM TFB is. We're 4/5 HM TFB and have only done 3 raid nights with getting the final boss down to his last 2 tentacles. We'll probably finish up HM TFB tonight which means week 1 cleared the content.

Comparing it to other raids, I did a lot of Vanilla and TBC WoW and these operations don't hold a candle to them. Some they do, like Onyxia and MC where the mechanics were actually pretty simple, but once you got to Naxx and the spider boss, or any of the raids in TBC, no way do these even come close...