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10.01.2012 , 08:09 AM | #16
All these ideas are well and good but we have to consider what we currently have as well as the existing mechanics of the game.

So, with that in mind, my opinion is this:
- a "Force user" of any kind would be redundant. We have the Jedi and the Sith represented as fully as possible at this point.
- a pet class (like the Hunter in WoW, just for example) is not a bad idea but we have to consider the fact that the companion system kind of makes pets obsolete - a lot of the classes already send their NPC ally to fight on the front lines while they go "pew-pew!" from afar.
- a droid class. A cool idea but since we're all getting HK-51 as a companion I don't know how valueable it is. Also, how different could the gameplay be from the current Bounty Hunter/Trooper and the Agent/Smuggler classes? There is only so much you can do with a character that relies on gadgets and guns without falling into their (already established) categories. Just putting a "robot skin" on isn't enough.
- a "noble" class centered around political intrigue is an awesome idea. It could make for a cool story, especially with SWTOR's conversation system. However! How would such a class fare in combat (and let's not kid ourselves, combat is 98 % of what we do in the game)? A noble is not a soldier/fighter type, so it has to be a ranged class that doesn't have military-grade heavy armor but instead would rely on shooting enemies from afar, preferrably from cover, and maybe he/she could throw in a heal or two. In other words, an Agent/Smuggler type put into a story with political intrigue.

I think that BioWare has chosen/designed the classes all too well. There is really not much you could add there. To be honest, if they add something new in expansions, I'd prefer it to be more diverse character creation species (go Nautolan! go Togruta!) and continuation of the storylines of the existing classes.