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[QUOTE=Siscoe;5212388]I hate this change myself. On The Shadowhand I could get in 6 to 8 wz's before my HM queue popped. (1.5 to 2 hours) If it is a close match I won't leave, but if there is no chance of coming back, I am the only one who loses out by leaving.

I agree completely .... I have pvp personally ... its not my cup of tea. I am a raider at heart but week long waits on raids force me to do something with my 5 50's and its generally GF HMFPs. My tank queues instantly after 4pm same with my healer with very little wait generally. But my 3 dps seem to take hours . I used to be able to pound out a pvp daily in the time i was waiting for queue to pop.

THAT BEING SAID. I know i was a bad pvper because if PVE queue popped i didnt care if i had 10 seconds left for a win i hit accept and took off. i can see how it would be worse if i was in a team who was barely winning with 1 min left when i took off and then they lost because they where all of a sudden one or two men down.

BUT this should be the difference between ranked and unranked..... right now because there is no solo queue for ranked warzones, unranked warzones are flooded with WH gear ubers who make unranked not fun, then you couple that with the fact that we get taken out of the queue list and have to start all over again looking for a party for HM FPs. So now instead of PVPing we are sitting around fleet waiting or farming crafting mats on illum or belsavis with the 400 other people waiting for HM FPs.

This last merger IMHO was a big mistake ..... queue times are not faster .... for pvp or pve from what i have noticed. General chat can no longer be effectively used for LFG (looking for group rather then LFM looking for more) because it gets flooded with the 100 people who are in queue waiting around who are also LFG.

I dont know the solution to this issue... and maybe free to play will bring it. Influx of players some of which will decide they want to sub increaseing sub numbers and all. but since 4 dps cant do GF together successfully with no dedicated healer or tank, its always going to be the 700 dps trying to catch the 20 healers and 5 tanks who care enough about BH coms to do HMFPs. Which isnt many cause healers and tanks generally are the important ones in OPS so they usually already have there gear and have no reason to do HMs anymore.

But long live PVP i guess its bad enough PVE'ers have to do PVP for best in slot relics ... now you force us to do NOTHING while waiting to PVE.... hours of waiting makes me want to play another game , not another character.
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