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10.01.2012 , 06:28 AM | #12
Completely agree with OP.

Before 1.4 you could do EC SM or KP NiM to build up for EC HM. Now you basically just need to farm BH comms from the Group Finder, get some easy Rakata from EV/KP HM, ignore all the other ops which are completely useless, and dive right into EC HM (you don't even really need EC Story now cause it's mechanics don't prepare you for hardmode anymore).

So BW have added one worthwhile Ops:
and one worthless:
and made all the following Ops worthless:
- EV NiM (was worthless before, nothing has changed)
- KP NiM (I think it still does give BH comms, but not enough really to justify doing it)
- EC SM.

And after that you wonder why people are leaving the game because it's boring and lacks content? Who needs content which no one will play except for one pass to learn the mechanics.