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You're going to have a difficult time finding a guild who uses this system as loot is very easy to come by, the content is not that difficult, and money is so easily attainable through dailies.

This game does not lend itself to a GDKP loot system, or even DKP at all. And considering you are asking the same question in every single recruitment thread on the Shadowlands Forums, you're soon going to run out of guild options without finding one who uses GDKP.

If you were republic, we'd invite you to run through a EC HM using this system; the majority of raiders in our guild have multiple alternates geared in Campaign gear and only need a few specific pieces. Campaign gear for the most part has been getting "greeded" for many weeks now. So if us doing a run would mean getting some cash for their trouble (many guildies are poor) I am sure they would jump at the chance.

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