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Quote: Originally Posted by Craftamancer View Post
There are a number of other bugs that were introduced or re-introduced with 1.4,
That may also be a possibility, I agree with you.

Quote: Originally Posted by Craftamancer View Post
and it makes no sense whatsoever to post "oh, you can still do it" when there's no reason for the change in the first place.
I disagree with this since another possibility was that it wasn't previously working as intended and got fixed : that's a good enough reason.

Quote: Originally Posted by Craftamancer View Post
I suspect that this was intended to be a part of NiM EC mechanics, and Bioware screwed up by making it part of HM mechanics.
I agree that may well be a plausible possibility as well.

The fact remains that you do *not* need to interrupt everything, just kill them before it stacks too much, it's either like 8 or 10, and it's not very hard to kill them before they reach 8-10 by splitting the raid 2-2-4.

As the poster above, we too wiped once because caught off guard, then adapted and found it wasn't such a big deal.
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