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Guys, with what am saying next am not kidding or being ironic :

My guess is that the mechanic is now working as intended and was bugged earlier making those first 3 robots a bit too easy.

It just was fixed. This is what I believe, I may be wrong though, but I wouldn't be surprised it was the case.
The only mistake is that the fix hasn't been added to the patchnotes.

Now on the difficulty : it has more to do with being used to the old easy way and not adapting than really being difficult in the first place.

As a matter of fact you DO NOT NEED to interrupt all those casts, just enough so it doesn't reach a certain amount : I think it's 10. If you miss a few interrupts it's not a big deal.

You only need 2 players each on 2 droids and 4 on the non tanked one.
Of course what that does is make the raid a little disorganized as to where everybody is during the walker shots and purple dot areas and makes a team that is used to the old way a little off the comfort zone, that's all, nothing really serious.
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