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I love this game. It is the first MMO I've ever played, and I'm pretty sure it will end up being the only MMO I play. I tried LotRO, because I'm a huge Tolkien fan, but playing that game just seemed so boring after SWTOR. My eyes aren't so good so I can't be reading text on the screen too often. With this game, I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Also, this game makes even the smallest quests feel interesting. When every NPC talks to you and there is so much to discover and learn, it would be pretty hard for me to become bored, especially seeing as how I can experience this game 8 different ways through all the class stories.
gotta agree with you there. i used to play LOTRO before SWTOR came out. i do like it, but when i tried to go back and play it again after having played SWTOR for a good few months...the quests just didn't feel as meaningful as i always ended up scrolling to the bottom of the wall of text to see what my quest objectives were. just another thing to do while i grind my way up in levels. in SWTOR however, storytelling is done much better, and so i'm usually doing quests not just to do them, but because i want to know what happens next.
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