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Was posting in general chat in fleet 1 and my friends in fleet 2 did not see it. Is this working as intended?
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Greetings HiltoftheDragon,

In this case we would ask that you submit an in-game bug report regarding this (/bug) and the issue will be investigate further.

Please come back to us if you have any other questions or issues.

Thank you!

I can confirm this from first day of 1.4 on republic fleet (only confirmed it there).

Didn't report it due to reading comprehension issues by those who read/respond to in-game problem submissions, so got discouraged and slowed down the bug reporting. I'll go report it in-game, though BW should know about it as I hope Beruthien has to log reported bugs he responds to on the forums.

Another one I haven't seen mentioned by BW or posted about is the world map doesn't show the skill retrainer or mod stations, even when they are ON (turning mod stations off then back on from world map doesn't work). This one goes back pre-1.4 though and I only looked on Carrick Station. My guess is it's related to whenever they made it so you can only see your own class trainer on the map (I see no toggle for seeing other class trainers). Sorry if this is considered a thread-jack. It has been reported.